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Woldwardens are towering wolds that combine the permanence of stone and wood with the chaos of living entropy. Their frames are inscribed with intricate lattices of runes infused with the power of Orboros. They not only strike with the force of nature but also serve as vessels for their controller’s arcane might.[1]

The creation of a woldwarden is slow and demanding, but the construct is among the most powerful and versatile weapons of the Circle Orboros. During fabrication, a woldwarden requires a large quantity of fresh blood which not only deepens the arcane connection necessary to channel a blackclad's spells but also reinforces the mystical process which strengthens a woldwarden’s organic components. The wood and rope of a completed woldwarden retain their flexibility but become nearly as tough and impervious as metal.[2]

A woldwarden’s greatest asset is the mystical harmony it enjoys with its controlling warlock. This bond allows the woldwarden to be a vessel for the druid’s arcane might, which is fueled by the power of the earth rather than the druid’s own energy. A woldwarden can unleash potent magic, effectively allowing its controlling druid to attack from two places at once. More than a mere weapon, the woldwardens embody the absolute power of the blackclads in their inviolable territories.[1]

Woldwardens can charge unimpeded through any terrain and absorb tremendous punishment in battle. Their natural power allows them to cause trees and foliage to erupt around them, hindering any enemy that attempts to engage them. Some druids consider woldwardens superior to and infinitely more reliable than barely-tamed wild beasts.[1]

In quiet times woldwardens guard the most sacred sites of the Circle Orboros, but in the current crisis they have been brought forth from those groves to contest directly with the Circle’s enemies.[1]