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Woldwatchers are the most numerous and widely-used of the wolds employed by the Circle Orboros. Drawing upon the strength of stone, soil, and tree, woldwatchers defend sacred groves and screen the advancing armies of the Circle.[1]

Blackclads can fashion woldwatchers from any strong stone and other natural materials lashed together by blood-soaked ropes. Into the stone the druids inscribe ancient runes imbuing the woldwatcher with the power of Orboros and the spark of animation. Many druids prefer woldwatchers to the larger woldwardens and wold guardians, for they are easier to assemble and very useful.[2]

Woldwatchers often serve as patient protectors of sacred sites and ley line conjunctions in place of living guards, whom the blackclads cannot spare due to their low number. Woldwatchers in these places are impossible to distinguish from simpler rune-covered stones in their vigilant posture.[1]

When intruded upon, woldwatchers rise to reveal themselves, ready to obliterate enemies with their stone fists or with blasts of elemental energy. Their strong connection to the earth allows them to cause the bodies of their slain foes erupt into abundant, if temporary, plant life and to become nearly impervious simply by standing still. In addition to using woldwatchers as sentinels, blackclads marching to war will gather one or several from the nearest sacred site to serve as bodyguards and shock troops.[1][2]