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The woldwrath is the largest and greatest of the Circle Orboros' wold constructs. A woldwrath stands as a towering monument to woldcrafting genius, meant to tap into and unbind the ultimate fury of Orboros.


The first woldwraths were created in the time after the dragon Toruk was driven from the mainland and descended upon the Scharde Islands. Before that time, the Circle Orboros held vast territories amid the islands, which formed a vital portion of its ley line network. The speed with which Toruk destroyed the guardians in that region prompted the fabrication of new and mightier weapons: the great woldwraths. A handful of woldwraths were created to stand against threats on the scale of dragons, which had rapidly become a growing threat.[1]

When the Orgoth invaded western Immoren, the Circle Orboros was scarcely more prepared than the warring city-states. The Circle sought to avoid direct contact with the invaders whenever possible, but the Orgoth warwitches were drawn to the blackclads' sites of power, seeking to exploit them for their own dark rites. The Orgoth launched many brutal raids, forcing the Circle to fight bitterly in a largely futile attempt to defend them. The woldwraths inflicted a heavy toll upon the invaders in those battles, virtually all of which went unrecorded. The most awesome of these clashes occurred at the battle of Nine Stones, in modern western Cygnar, where the druids sent five woldwraths against a host of Orgoth. Although the blackclads were ultimately defeated, the battle set back the Orgoth conquest of druidic sacred sites by decades.[1]

As the Orgoth began to lose their foothold, the Circle again deployed woldwraths to expel the invaders from places stolen from them. The Circle eventually withdrew the surviving woldwraths into their most remote fastnesses.[1]

In the present, escalating conflict has forced the omnipotents of the Circle to unleash the woldwraths again.[1]


Like all wolds, woldwraths must be crafted according to exacting rituals; indeed, tremendous power is required to animate such huge constructs. A woldwrath’s wood and stone frame must be ceremonially imbued with fresh blood at a nexus of ley lines during key astronomical conjunctions. Fresh blood is harvested from battles and delivered unto these productions alongside freshly quarried stone and gathered timber. Off the battlefield, they serve as mobile replacements for the permanent standing stones situated at sites of great power, facilitating members of the Circle in tapping the energy of ley lines. The woldwraths were designed not simply to siphon the power of the ley lines to drive their myriad functions but also to store it for later use.[1]

A woldwrath is extremely resistant to magic and channels the vast energies that flow within the earth. Its tempestuous assaults are prefaced by voltaic flickers that play along darkening clouds above and the pulsing runes inscribed across its stone form. In the aftermath of its summoned storm, all that remains of its enemies are charred and smoldering husks scattered upon the rain-drenched ground.[1]

While nearby druids leverage its power to augment their own magic, a woldwrath smashes the Circle’s enemies into wreckage. Roused to battle, it enacts the will of the blackclads and Orboros itself.[1]