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The woldwyrd is one of the lightest and most agile wold constructs, able to draw upon the energies of Orboros flowing through the ground to float above it. The woldwyrd is the most overtly arcane of all the elemental constructs built by the Circle Orboros.[1][2]

The druids designed the woldwyrd to be a small but potent sentinel, calibrating every inch of its rune-covered surface to tap directly into the invisible lattice of ley lines beneath the soil. At the centre of a woldwyrd’s stone face is a polished orb of beryl that focuses its energies. This orb is the most difficult aspect of its construction. The woldwyrd projects a powerful beam of concentrated light and heat as its sole weapon, one that is particularly destructive to those augmented by magic. A woldwyrd can also project an aura making enemy magic difficult to cast.[1][2]

Woldwyrds are unrelenting arcane hunters and sentinels created especially to strike down magic users, no matter sorcerers, arcanists, priests, or others. In ancient times woldwyrds hunted tradition-bound Menite priests, who burned anyone who manifested the wilding. In recent years the blackclads have expanded their creation of these wolds, utilising them against those who would contest their mastery over the wilderness.[1][2]