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A wrack is a massive Menofix wrought of steel and brass and purified with the prayers of priests. Wracks normally integrate incense censors that burn with scents sacred to the Creator. Wracks are one of the scrutators' favoured tools to offer the screams of heretics as a sacrifice to the Creator.[1]

The wrack was a common sight across western Immoren; when the priest-kings battled the Molgur, they celebrated victories with row upon row of barbarians affixed to symbols of the Menite faith. Today the wrack is once more a common sight, valued by the scrutators for the awe it inspires in the faithful and heathen alike. The recent crusades have reintroduced the wrack to the enemies of the faith as Protectorate armies carry the means to both punish and terrify the unjust.[2]

Those sentenced to the wrack spend weeks hanging from chains and shrouded in a fog of incense. Victims are forced to reflect upon their sins as they cry out in unbearable pain. Even the strongest wills quickly erode. Most victims are wracked as punishment, but some of the faithful seek out this suffering willingly, hoping for absolution from the burden of their heavy souls. The sight of wracked martyrs, glowing with divine radiance in suffering, has sometimes been sufficient to end battles before they even begin.[1][2]

Prior to the release of death, the wracked’s soul is redeemed whether forced or voluntary, and his body glows white-hot under the scrutiny of Menoth’s gaze. The Lawgiver’s redemption cleanses the penitent, whose soul becomes a radiant source of power for the Protectorate’s priests and warcasters. When the sufferer's soul is relinquished, the release of energy is consumed in an eruption of fiery essence — yet another tangible reminder of the righteousness of Menite faith and glory.[1]