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Skorne.png Zaadesh Skorne.png



Race Skorne
Gender Male
Weapons Deathsong
Birth Unknown
Tyrant Zaadesh is a young skorne noble of House Balaash who secretly despises their current leader, Supreme Archdomina Makeda. Though he is a skilled swordsman and battle leader, Zaadesh must bide his time for now; he knows he is far from ready to oppose Makeda directly. He has been tested in battle, however, and has endured despite setbacks that severely challenged his resolve. Few house leaders demonstrate the cunning and ambition that Tyrant Zaadesh does, and only time will tell if he is destined for a fast rise or a tragic fall.


Many in Zaadesh’s branch of House Balaash sided with Makeda’s brother Akkad and lost their lives when she seized power from him. The survivors consider an unified Skorne Empire unnatural and feel Makeda betrayed skorne society by joining Vinter Raelthorne IV. Zaadesh was raised by those who loathe the archdomina, and they wish to see her overthrown by any means possible.[1]

Early in his career, Zaadesh relied heavily on swordsmanship, neglecting the study of mortitheurgy that a tyrant requires to lead warbeasts into battle. Amid a battle, he lost control of the aradus soldiers he was commanding. One of the creatures lashed out, striking his face and removing most of his lower jaw. Although he survived, his house was convinced he would never again take to the battlefield as a warrior.[1]

Zaadesh did not let this injury come between him and his goals. He undertook a rigorous physical and mortitheurgical training regimen, and within a year he had regained his former strength. He vowed to master mortitheurgy and perfect his power over beasts so he would never face such a setback again.[1]

While Zaadesh was still healing, Dominar Rasheth secretly contacted him, offering support as well as instruction in the occult arts. Though he despised the indolent Rasheth, the dominar’s power and influence ultimately persuaded Zaadesh to enter an uncomfortable but necessary alliance: one more step toward his ultimate goal of returning the skorne to their traditional ways.[1]

After his recovery Zaadesh distinguished himself in the eastern empire and was soon summoned to the Army of the Western Reaches. Supreme Archdomina Makeda tasked him with a minor command, viewing him simply as a useful warrior and competent officer. She knows Zaadesh’s branch of her house supported Akkad but sees Zaadesh as too insignificant to be a potential rival.[1]

Zaadesh’s relative anonymity in the Army of the Western Reaches allows him to continue growing in power, still secretly aided by Rasheth. As the skorne expand westward Zaadesh plans to use his martial experience to gather allies and hone his skills, each day moving closer to his inevitable clash with Makeda.[1]


Zaadesh sees a Skorne Empire unified under one leader as the antithesis of what it means to be skorne. According to him, it is strife among the houses that keeps the skorne people strong.[1]